A.M. Muffaz was born on the 13th of October 1981, year of the Chicken and age of the Computer. Variously known to friends as "the Vampyric Hamster", "the Hamster of Death", "Hammie", "Hamper-chan", "Hamp" or just Afi, it has never been determined if she has ever possessed an ounce of mental health whatsoever.

Over the years, Afi has published fiction since the age of 16, read fiction for a horror magazine at 19, visited 14 countries by the age of 21, learnt 2 languages and barely understands 5 more by 24, and still takes great pleasure in sniffing hamsters as a fine art. She likes nuts, eggs, raw fish, whole grains and fresh greens. Her favourite subjects are religion and evolutionary theory. When she's not busy running in her wheel, she hoards Japanophilia in piles of unsorted art films.

She's currently working on her first novella, Finches, which follows the story of a religious Muslim man haunted by evolution. A chapter from Finches, Rahim, appeared in Chiaroscuro #29.

Deeply territorial and extremely asocial, she accepts small treats and pats on the head. You may add to her mirthless glee by occasionally sending her email. Afi likes emails.

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